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This wiki is currently in hiatus and will be overhauled and updated once the new version of the game launches.

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Ongoing Events
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Level up with Mac! Click here for more info about the event.
New & Improved Attendance Check + Activity Points! Click here for more info about the event.
Latest Patch ( 1.61 )

What’s New?:

  • Mac Arrives! Become the master of dual wielding pistols. Play the new hero today!
  • New Event: Level Up with Mac. Rise up the goal levels for awesome accessories – now all real-time rewards!
  • New Event: Mac’s Revolver Bullets. Collect bullets and exchange them for rewards!
  • New & Improved Attendance Check. The new NPC, Historic Service event manager Jay arrives, bringing this source of instant daily rewards back into our lives.
  • Plus: Earn more Attendance Stamps by piling up Activity Points. Play now!

Click here to read the latest patch notes.